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Male Edge Extra Penis Extender

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Manufacturer:   Male Edge, Denmark
Product Code:   MEE012-K178
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Male Edge devices have been made to be worn for long periods without any discomfort or irritation. These attractive, sleek and lightweight extenders can safely increase both length and girth of the penis with the help of controlled traction.
  • These extenders can enlarge penis size discreetly and painlessly.
  • Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro are thethree variants of the range.
  • The devices work on the principles of traction.
  • They can be worn under clothing without any suspicion.
Male Edge extenders are ideal for all adult men looking for a natural process of enlargement. The device has been clinically proven to increase size by about 28%, which is certainly impressive.

What are Male Edge devices?
Penis extenders started with a few products claiming to offer considerable increase in size without much effort. Undeniably, some of the earlier designs were appreciable but most of the products that followed lacked what is actually the core of extenders: Traction. Male Edge extenders offer you a highly researched and advanced extender to be worn comfortably everyday. Its unique mechanism allows you to select stretching levels without damaging or causing pain in any part of the penis. What’s better is that you can easily wear it under clothing thanks to the sleek design. The device range consists of three variants namely Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro.

How Do They Work?
Probably most of the extenders are based on traction principles of cell generation but Male Edge devices have a lot more to offer. Starting with the basics, mitosis is a highly complex cell regeneration process that can be triggered by traction under ideal conditions. Stretching the penis over extended periods increases space between cells, which is then filled with new cells. Gradually this should increase both length and girth of the penis. Now this process might sound like the best enlargement way but you will find dozens of devices in the market failing to do absolutely nothing. Male Edge devices, however, are constructed with careful research to stretch the penis evenly and safely. Not only this, the range is virtually painless and discreet.

When to Expect Results?
It is almost impossible to provide black and white figures as the growth levels are highly personal. Still, you can expect around 9% growth in the first two months and consecutive increase in the coming 26 weeks. However, do not be disappointed by slow growth as your cells might be responding slowly to the process.

Ease to Use
Although, it is not difficult to use the product, explaining it in words can be a bit tricky. It is recommended that you watch this video for more complete details on directions.

Are There Any Side Effects of Male Edge devices?
You shouldn’t worry about any severe side effects unless the device is being used as directed. However, if you experience any pain or discomfort, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Male Edge Penis Extenders are not for you:
  • If you have had a surgery recently.
  • If you suffer from prostate issues.
  • If you are on sedative.
  • If you are under influence of alcohol.
  • 1 x Full Kit Box - Black
  • 1 x MaleEdge Penis Enlarger
  • 1 x Instructional Folder
  • 1 x Ruler / measurer
  • 2 x Rubber strap
  • 1 x MaleEdge Travel Bag
  • 1 x Protection Pad

Note: because of the frequent use of the straps, they will last for about two months. New straps can be ordered at this website.                                                              

Avoid leaving this product in direct sunlight and never expose to extreme heat. Store your toy in a dust-free place and keep it away from toys of other materials. Keep out of reach of children
Good Packaging:
Products are shipped in plain boxes and sealed with plastic. There will be no mentioned of what and where you buy.

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