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NPG Onahole Quick Drying Stick 速乾スティック

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Manufacturer:   NPG, Japan
Product Code:   OA0005-H
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The Quick Drying Stick for Onaholes is a very useful tool in the maintenance of your favorite Japan masturbator toys. Its outstanding absorption power (stemming from its activated carbon and diatomite compound) will leave your onahole dry and help prevent odor and mold from growing inside.

To use it, carefully and gently the stick into the hole and press the onahole toy against it from the outside, before pulling it out again. The stick's practical size and shape will accommodate most masturbators and leave them ready for their next mission.

How to Use the NPG Quick Drying Stick:
  • Wash and drain excess water from your onahole.
  • Insert the Quick Dry Stick into the onahole gently (excessive pressure can cause crack or breakage of the drying stick).
  • Check every 30 seconds on the progress of the water absorption.
  • Once most water is absorbed, remove the stick to let it dry naturally before next use.

Take Note:
  • Fine powder may come off the product during it's lifetime but it will not create any issue for the functionality of the product..
  • Do not leave the drying stick in your toy for more than it needs to. This may cause excessive oil from the toy to stick to the drying stick and decrease it's water absorbing ability.
  • The Drying stick can only absorb a finite amount of water. It needs time to dry off before next use.
  • Stick may become damaged from harsh impacts or dropping.
  • NPG Quick Drying Stick
  • Made with Activated Carbon-Diatomite Compoud
  • Size: 15cm x 1.3cm
  • Accessory to dry Onahole faster
  • Made in Japan By NPG Japan
 Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.
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