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Tenga Soft Tube US

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Manufacturer:   Tenga, Japan
Product Code:   TG0007-W15
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The TENGA Ultra Size Soft Tube is larger than the standard edition. Its overall soft casing tube allows you to adjust the tightness with you hand grip.
  • Overall Size: 76×97×181mm
  • Other Specs: Stretchable Material, Disposable
The TENGA cup series is designed solely for one-time disposable use. With concerns of hygiene, we do not recommend using the item more than once.

We also offer the Flip Hole series and the Flip Lite series for customers who prefer repeated use.

Please store this product in a clean environment and at room temperature.
Good Packaging:
Products are shipped in plain boxes and sealed with plastic. There will be no mentioned of what and where you buy.

Payment is easy. You can easily make payment via Cash Deposit/Cash Deposit Machine/Online Banking into our account with Maybank, CIMB Bank or Public Bank.
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