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At Condom69, you will find only Original Brand. Our company will never sell counterfeit products just to gain more profit.

You may find a lot of websites selling the same products but at a much lower prices. 

When you buy at this website, you are assured of getting ORIGINAL products. As all of you know, there are many imitation products in Malaysia. For example:
  • Tenga Japan - The imitation of this products are Tenca, Perfect Cups and even Tenga (in different font).
  • Fleshlight - The inner sleeve uses low grade material.
  • Meiki & all NPG products - Packaging looks almost similar but the sleeve is made of low grade material.
  • Lelo - The overall vibrator is poor in quality
  • Aneros - Low quality in packaging and overall material. 
  • Rocks-Off - Low quality in packaging and product. No logo embeded on the silicone sleeve.
  • We Vibe - The logo embeded on the we vibe itself is of different font
  • Fairy Massager - FAKE Fairy Wand does not have the embossed CE and Manufacturer marking

Imitation products are difficult to differentiate nowadays unless your are an expert.

So why take the risk of getting an imitation product elsewhere.

Beware of Counterfeit products in Malaysia.

Counterfeit products from China are hard to discern if you are not familiar. Counterfeit products are cheap and the quality of these products found are far lower than what could be deemed “usable”.

Be cautious as all Sex Toys products are for intimate use. So, don't put yourself and/or your partner at risk!

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