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Bathmate Hydromax Replacement Valve Part
Bathmate Hydromax Replacement Valve Part
Bathmate Hydromax Replacement Valve Part
Bathmate Hydromax Replacement Valve Part
Bathmate Hydromax Replacement Valve Part
Bathmate Hydromax Replacement Valve Part
Manufacturer:   Bathmate, UK
Product Code:   BTM0009-WS35
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The replacement valve parts for Hydromax7, Hydromax7 wide boy, X20, X30, X40 and X50. The Hydromax Valve parts are designed to be disassembled by the user for cleaning or to replace a worn valve part. To disassembler the valve you need a small flat bladed screwdriver or similar tool.

  • Locate the maintenance slots situated on either side of the valve cap.
  • Insert the flat blade of the screwdriver into one of the slots and gently ease the valve cap upwards approximately 1mm by twisting the screwdriver, be sure to apply only moderate pressure, so as not to damge the valve plastic.
  • As the valve lifts, switch slots and ease the valve cap from the other side by 1 mm this keeps the cap level and will prevent damage to the valve seat.
  • Alternate sides, easing the valve cap up 1 mm at a time until the valve cap pops off the valve body.
  • Remove the valve cap, grip the black pip and pull the valve inner out of the valve body.
  • The valve is disassembled; you can now replace the parts or clean all the parts with warm soapy water and rinse with clean water.

  • To reassemble the valve, grip the black pip and place the valve inner into the valve body, with the soft translucent valve seal downwards. Ensure the valve inner is seated correctly with the black pip perpendicular to the valve body.
  • Note that the black pip is square in section and the valve cap opeing is rectangular, ensure that when replacing the valve cap you orientate the valve opening correctly so that the black pip passes clearly though the opening, and has room to move right and left. If the orientation is incorrectly, the valve inner will jam and the valve will not function correctly.
  • Place the valve cap back onto the valve body, check the orientation, and then press the valve cap firmly downwards with heel of your hand. Use firm steady pressure, the valve will move against the internal spring and then stop, and you should hear and feel the valve cap click back into position. Do not attemtpt to relocate the valve cap with a violent or striking motion as this may damage the valve seat or valve inner.
  • With the valve cap seated fully, check that the black pip moves left and right and clicks into the closed position.
  • Bathmate Hyromax Valve Replacement Parts
  • Package consists of 1 valve cap and 2 black pip
  • Take note: This replacement parts only fit into Original Hydromax X20, X30 and X40
  • Original Parts by Bathmate UK
Handle with care.
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Bathmate: How to replace the Hydromax valve cap

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