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Oxballs 360 Cockring & Ballsling in Clear
Variety is the spice of life and at Oxballs, we love introducing new nasty ways to play. 360 is the new two in one cockring and ballsling
Oxballs Sack Jack Wearable Penis Sleeve in Clear
SackJack Jack Off Sheath is the latest invention from Oxballs, designed with male pleasure in mind! This unique penis sleeve is made from soft, supple and stretchy material. It covers the whole penis, enveloping the shaft and testicles too, for incredibly orgasmic sensations
Oxballs Air Sport Cock Ring in Clear
AIR sport cockring is a new look and feel in cockring. It is a larger size cockring that’s light as hot air. This ring breathes, sweat and lube goes where you want feels like it’s part of you. Made of our firmer super-stretch PLUS+SILICONE™ tpr/silicone blend, this has a rubbery stretch like silicone, strength like tpr
OXBALLS JACK-ASS Huge and Fleshy Dick Drainer OXBALLS exclusive!
Well, if you have ever know of Oxballs, USA then you will love to own the JACK-ASS penis enhance and masturbator. It is huge and fleshy. It looks like a penis with a ass hole behind. The inner tunnel is structured with ribs and beads and chambers of different sizes to deliver an ultimate masturbation pleasure. When you are done,
Oxballs Ball Bender Beginner Balls Stretcher in Black
In the Ball Bender your balls get thrust forward and out. You get a nice tug on your balls but since they're not being pulled down you can walk or even sit without those moments of discomfort. Made from 100% platinum cured silicone so it's gonna feel great and give you years of ball stretching fun. Super stretchy so getting this on is simple.
OXBALLS Hung Padded Pure Silicone Cock and Balls Ring
The HUNG cock ring is a special design ring that is thick padded to make your overall looks bigger. Wear the HUNG over your cock and balls, a squishy pad of silicone behind your ballsack will push your balls forward and up for a bigger package. Wear it under gear to fill out a jock or Levis and be proud. The HUNG
OXBALLS Trainer Hole Stretching Buttplug
Open up that too tight hole with TRAINER PLUG from Atomic Jock series Oxballs brand. The butt plug is made of platinum cure firm silicone and is suitable for long wear. This hole plug has silicone buckle like along the sides so that you can slide on a butt strap or any strap to hold the plug in place firmly.
OXBALLS Meatplug-4 Aluminium Staged Penis Plug
OXBALLS Meatplug 4 is the most tapered starts off very small, the middle is a bit bigger, then the end is the larger size. This Aluminium Staged Penis Plug is made from mirror polished aircraft aluminium is smooth for penetration. Never force it, lubricate well and you can spin, twist and insert slow for a great urethral play.
OXBALLS Meatplug-1 Aluminium Penis Plug in Blue
Enjoy intense urethral sensations with the Oxballs Meatplug 1 penis plug. The Oxballs Meatplug 1 Pisshole Stuffer is a stimulating sound that is made from mirror polished aircraft aluminum and contoured with smooth swells. The shaft is composed of tapered segments, making for intense, pleasing sensations when
OXBALLS Neo Angle Ballstretchers
NEO ballstretchers are revolutionary. NEO ANGLE is shaped to push your sack forward, can be stacked to bend your sack up. The same shape as old-style neoprene ball-stretchers, same thickness, but made of a new pressure cast silicone hybrid with more strength. It has neoprene fibers in it that gives a firm grip
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