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Maca Delay Spray For Man
Maca Delay Spray For Man
Maca Delay Spray For Man
Maca Delay Spray For Man
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Maca Delay Spray for man is widely used to prolong ejaculation. Surveys reveal that most men are unable to control premature ejaculation. Their penetrative sex can only be 2 minutes the most. Well if you are having the same problem, the you will surely understand how upsetting it is for you and your partner.

The Maca Delay Spray For Man is easy to use and it helps to prolong your sexual activity and hence improves the level of sexual satisfaction for you and you partner.

How to use:
Spray a few times on the glan penis (the head) and coronal sulcus (the neck of penis) 30 minutes in advance, before sexual intercourse.

Gently rub evenly so that it is fully absorbed. If you desired for oral sex, after 30 minutes, wash thoroughly before oral sex.
  • Maca Delay Spray For Man
  • Non Numbness and No Irritation
  • Improve Sexual Satisfaction Level
  • Safe & reliable with no side effect
  • Size: 10ml
  • Made in Japan
Avoid contact with eyes and ears. Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

Not recommended if your partner is pregnant.
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