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Magiceyes Neotenic Onahole
Magiceyes Neotenic Onahole
Magiceyes Neotenic Onahole
Magiceyes Neotenic Onahole
Magiceyes Neotenic Onahole
Magiceyes Neotenic Onahole
Magiceyes Neotenic Onahole
Magiceyes Neotenic Onahole
Manufacturer:   Magic Eyes, Japan
Product Code:   RV0320-W
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The Neotenic Fairy is a new scaled down hip with a special triple material design. The outer layer is designed to give a skin-like tactile sensation when you are holding the hip during use. The inner tunnel walls are lined with another material designed for a better tactile stimulation. Between the outer and inner layer is a third layer made from a springy material design to apply a certain pressure and tightness around the inner sleeve layer.

The entrance is a camel toed appearance with the outer material. Once inside two different tightness gate set the tone of stimulation right from the start. The next section continues to be tight with a small clearance and lined with numerous combed chambers. At the middle point, various nubs like textures changes up the stimulation design. The tunnel continues on with larger ribs and grooves in a tight tunnel leading to the end. At the very end, a cervix-like end stinger made of the middle material further varying the sensation.
  • Neotenic Fairy
  • Size 18cm x 18cm x 11cm
  • Weight 1.8kg
  • By Magic Eyes Japan
Do NOT use a silicone-based lubricant with this products, as this could make the silicone permanently tacky. A water-based lubricant is the safest option. Never use massage oil or hand cream as lubricants.

Always clean this product thoroughly before and after each use, preferably with antibacterial toy cleaner.

Cleaning and storage instruction:
1) After use, wash well with Toy Cleaner and running water.
2) Drain and dry well by using a towel and dryer
3) Apply a generous amount of Pleasure Extreme Renewing Power, then store it back in the case.

Avoid leaving this product in direct sunlight and never expose to extreme heat.

Store your toy in a dust-free place and keep it away from toys of other materials.

Keep out of reach of children.
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