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Here you can find the best adult sex toys for couples. Buy online in Malaysia. We provide fast, easy and hassle-free shopping.
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Fondlove Vibrating Rough Glans Bumps Hollow Sleeve
This sleeve adds a whole new sensation with and additional clit vibrator. After wearing it, your girth increase instantly. This will make you very proud. The one who gets the most benefit is your partner. Large glans full of particles
FondLove Realistic Vibrating Penis Sleeve
This FondLove sleeve adds a whole new pleasure. After wearing it, your girth will increase instantly by 20%. It is further add on with a small bullet vibrator for clit stimulation. Thick protruding glans design will give
Performance Proform Extender Sleeve in Beige
Our Proform Sleeve gives you incredible pleasing texture! Your partner will love the new you
Performance Beaded Sleeve in Beige
Our Beaded Sleeve gives you an incredible pleasing texture. Your partner will love the new you. It's material was developed to mimic the feel of the human body
Revolutionary Silicone Nature Extender Sleeve 1 inch Extender in Brown
Enjoy natural feel with nature enhancer extender. This extender increases your girth by 40% and length by 1 inch. It worth every inch. It is made of soft realistic silicone enhancer sleeve
Revolutionary Silicone Natural Erection Extender Sleeve 2 inch Brown
Enjoy natural feel with this erection extender sleeve. It increases your girth by 40% and length by 2 inches. It worth every inch. It is made of soft realistic silicone and is incredibly lifelike
NPG The Four Musketeers Ryan 四銃士 ライアン
Ryan Sleeve is the #4 of the four musketeers. Is it made of firm and yet stretchable silicone. This black sleeve has a net-like design that grip onto your penis like a cage. It exposes your shaft sexily and in the meantime increasing the penetrating pleasure friction
XR Brands Really Ample Ribbed Penis Enhancer Sheath
This special penis enhancing sleeve is extra fat, with big ridges for incredible girth and plenty of sensation! The outer texture features large rolls, for intense stimulation with every thrust. The ball strap will help keep it in place, and the open ended design lets you feel more of your partner as you drive them wild with your new fatter dick!
XR Brands Clear Choice Penis Extender Sleeve
Amp up the size of your rod with the Clear Choice Penis Extension Sleeve and see yourself in action! Now you can add length and girth! Simply slip this stretch to fit sheath over your erection and instantly enjoy your newly enhanced rod
XR Brands 2 Inch Extender Sleeve in Clear
This extender sleeve has a realistic texture, featuring a bulbous head and bulging veins, along with a subtle curved shape will deliver a new kind of internal massage
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