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Leten Future Stroker Pro Version
Leten most powerful and futuristic invention up to date, armed with double flywheel, piston-driven giant motor, cylinder piston driven by doubled force, ultra-fast thrusting, perpetual motion sex machine
Leten Thunder Desire Red Cup
Leten Thunder Desire Red Cup is created with more vibrating duo power that help you to achieve orgasm faster and more fulfilling
Leten Yui Hatano Deep Heating Aircraft Cup
This device is specially design to deliver the most superior sensation. Empowered with 2 powerful vibrating motors. The first delivers soft stimulating vibrating waves to pleasure you
Leten Interactive Yui Hatano Aircraft Cup
This new compact Yui Hatano aircraft cup by Leten delivers the best of Yui Hatano sweet pleasure. Fully automatic aircraft cup that is designed with movement interactive voice and vibrating sensor
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